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Robert Craft
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‘The conversations between Igor Stravinsky and Robert Craft are unique in musical history.’ Sunday Times

is the fourth volume in the legendary series of Stravinsky’s conversations with Robert Craft.
Originally published in l968 as Dialogues and a Diary, Robert Craft’s diary of his travels with Stravinsky (1948-62) was omitted from this edition because it had appeared in fuller form in Craft’s book Stravinsky: The Chronicle of a Friendship (1972). The composer’s reminiscences here include the composition of Oedipus Rex (with letters to Cocteau), remarks on ‘Music and the Statistical Age’, a devastating review of recordings of The Rite of Spring, and racy sketches of Evelyn Waugh, Christopher Isherwood, Aldous Huxley, and other friends.

‘Was I merely trying to refit old ships while the other side – Schoenberg – sought new forms of travel? …the true business of the artist is to refit old ships. He can say again, in his way, only what has already been said.’

This unique series of memories offers not only indispensable documentation but also exceptional literary distinction, and is essential reading for all students and lovers of Stravinsky.

‘A rewarding and stimulating book, full of illuminating insights into music past and present, and irresistibly readable …’ Daily Telegraph


The distinguished conductor, Robert Craft, met Igor Stravinsky in 1948, and developed what proved to be an extraordinarily fruitful artistic partnership from then until the composer’s death in 1971. Craft lived with the family in California and later in New York and remained close to the composer’s widow Vera, until her death in 1982.

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