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A Crook in the Furrow

A. G. Street
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First published by Faber & Faber in 1940 A Crook in the Furrow was described by the Manchester Evening News as ‘like no other detective story. Mr Street’s plots and stratagems, his devices are well up to the most exacting professional standards. As a background for it there is Mr Street’s great love and knowledge of the English countryside’.

Detective Inspector ‘Coincidence’ Charles Jenks has been investigating a hunch that Dr Larne of 223 Harley Street has been committing crimes. What these crimes are, however, he isn’t sure, but Dr Larne’s name has occurred too frequently in reference accounts of suspicious circumstances for ‘Coincidence’ Charles to think that he is perfectly innocent.

As ever, ‘Coincidence’ Charles is right. Dr Larne has been supplying drugs using his Harley Street practice and two unknown accomplices, Peggy and Frank Young. Believing that ‘Coincidence’ Charles is onto their scheme, Larne persuades the couple to move to the country and set up as ‘honest’ farmers in order to continue their growing business away from the prying eyes of ‘Coincidence’ Charles.

Can Charles discover what is really going on or will the country straighten them out, after all, ‘Wiltshire won’t have crooks in her furrows’.

A. G.Street

A. G. Street was born Arthur G. Street in 1892 and grew up on a farm near Wilton, Wiltshire. He was a broadcaster and writer and wrote 25 books with farming life at their centre. Perhaps his most famous book, Farmer’s Glory, describes his time in Canada before he returned to Wiltshire. Another book, Strawberry Roan, was turned into a…

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A. G.Street