‘Murder Will Out’

T. J. Binyon
Date Published
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‘No-one has approached the vast, continuing corpus of detective fiction in quite this way before.’ Financial Times

What is it that has always made the detective such a popular figure in fiction? Why are we always so seduced by the search to discover ‘whodunit’? And how far back does this fascination go?

Following the trail of the detective – from Poe’s Chevalier Dupin to the time of this book’s first publication in 1989 – T J Binyon’s brilliant history explores one of fiction’s most enduring characters, in all its many guises. Murder Will Out is an essential guide for anyone who has ever been gripped by a good crime novel and wants to investigate further.

T. J.Binyon

T J Binyon was born in Leeds in 1936. He studied Russian at Exeter College, Oxford, with a year spent in Moscow. Later a teacher of Russian Literature at Oxford University, as Senior Research Fellow at Wadham College, he also regularly reviewed crime fiction for the Evening Standard and the TLS. He died in 2004, a year after his biography…

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T. J.Binyon