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The Never-Ending Days of Being Dead

Marcus Chown

The cutting edge of science entertainingly explained by the brilliant New Scientist writer.

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Marcus Chown’s highly accessible exploration of reality, the nature of the universe, and the place of life within it. Starting with the questions being asked by the world’s most daring and imaginative scientists, he takes us to the frontier of science and reveals that the mysteries being examined there are those that matter most to all of us: could we live for ever? where did we come from? and what the hell are we doing here?

Critic Reviews

Marcus Chown's mastery of the written language, his intimate knowledge of the subject matter and his easy and clear style unravels some of the most fundamental minds bending cosmologival, physical and mathermatical puzzles in easy to digest bite-sized chunks ... I can not find fault with this book, the style is yummy, the mathematics non-existent and the concepts suprising.

Astronomy Now
Critic Reviews

Acclaimed science writer Marcus Chown isn't afraid of the big or difficult topics. He can simplify the mind-bendingly complex and bring within the grasp of the ordinary reader some of the beautiful mysteries of modern science.

Critic Reviews

Marcus Chown has the happy knack of making abstruse subjects seem intelligible.

Sir Patrick Moore
Critic Reviews

A short cut to the latest ideas. Chown writes lucidly and with enthusiasm.

Financial Times
Critic Reviews

Reading this book is a little like being at a party (OK, a very nerdy one) with an almost perfect DJ. The tracks Chown plays - a mixture of the familiar and the cutting edge - are not records, however, but the highlights of recent attempts to answer some of the biggest scientific questions there are, from "What is beyond the edge of the universe?" to "Why do we experience a past, present and future? This book does what the best popular science books do: it gives enough of an overview of each subject to make it exciting, and leaves you to pursue the primary texts yourself if you want to. In an age of over-specialisation in both the sciences and the humanities, and nowhere near enough true interdisciplinarity, we must all be grateful to writers like Chown who are able to make accessible work that in its crude form is not only inaccessible to outsiders, but unknown to them.

Independent on Sunday
Critic Reviews

Marcus Chown has written a fascinating entertaining and stimulating book exploring some of the more esoteric byways of fundamental science ... As a whole the book is an excellent introduction to many of the fascinating questions being addresses in theoretical physics and cosmology today ... I whole-heartedly recommend this book.


Marcus Chown is an award-winning science writer and broadcaster. Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, he is now cosmology consultant for the New Scientist. His acclaimed books include What a Wonderful World, Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You, We Need to Talk about Kelvin and The Ascent of Gravity (Sunday Times Science Book of the…

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