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R. C. Hutchinson
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Set in Russia at the time of the First World War, Testament is the story of a friendship between two men – the narrator, Alexei Ottravesko, a career soldier who has returned to the army after several years in exile in Siberia for political activities, and Anton Scheffler, a radical lawyer who has volunteered for wartime military service.

When Scheffler refuses to obey an order to lead a detachment of men he considers unfit for duty back to the front, he is arrested and threated with court-martial. But communists and their allies, who hail him as a champion of the workers’ interest, decide to take up his cause.

First published in 1939, Testament reveals to us glimpses – from the battlefield and the Orshaskaya drawing-rooms, from street corners and prison camps – of the separate, precious lives of individuals fighting for the moral good. It is a novel steeped with political ideals, with philosophical truths, and with personal heroism.

R. C.Hutchinson

Ray Coryton Hutchinson was born in 1907 in FInchley. He published his first novel in 1930 and gave up his job in advertising to write full-time in 1935. His other novels include March the Ninth, Elephant and Castle, Shining Scabbard, The Unforgotten Prisoner, Johanna at Daybreak, A Child Possessed and Testament. He died in 1975.

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R. C.Hutchinson