You’ve Got Blackmail

Rachel Wright

You’ve Got Blackmail by Rachel Wright is breathlessly paced, laugh-out-loud funny and increasingly gripping; a sparky, suspenseful comic mystery sure to be a winner with adolescent girls everywhere.

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My heart is now thumping like the clappers. Panic is rushing through my veins. What in the name of Nora am I going to do?

Jaffa Cake junkie Lozzie Cracknell is a girl on the edge. She’s been caught borrowing her sister Karen’s stuff; her mum’s possibly ‘doing-the-do’ with her worst teacher; and school bully and vanilla blancmange look-alike, Tonia Ravonia, is threatening to head-butt her halfway to hospital.

Still, looking on the bright side, at least she and her best mate, Dex, haven’t stumbled across a seriously scary blackmail scam, or found themselves on the trail of the blackmailer. Yet.


Rachel Wright grew up in Bermuda, England, the Seychelles, and Fiji. She used to be an actress (after gaining a degree in drama in 1982, I worked as an actress for BBC Radio and various theatre companies, including one I co-founded with a friend) but now she writes full-time. (In 1989 I produced my first children’s non-fiction book and it’s…

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