The Amnesiac

Sam Taylor

Sam Taylor’s The Amnesiac is an unconventional detective story about memory and reality.

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James Purdew is quietly obsessed with his own past – in particular three years of his life, about which he remembers nothing. So he travels back to the city of H, where he lived during those years, and finds a familiar house, now derelict. Stripping the wallpaper from one of the rooms, James discovers the first chapter of Confessions of a Killer, a nineteenth-century thriller, which seems to offer clues to a tragedy that took place in the house many years before, and one to which James feel inexorably linked. A journey into a mysterious world of fiction and reality, The Amnesiac is a compelling novel by one of Britain’s most innovative young storytellers.


Sam Taylor is a novelist and literary translator. His previous novels have reached an international audience, and his award-winning translations include works by Laurent Binet, Leïla Slimani and Marcel Proust. Born in England, Sam was a writer and editor at The Observer before moving to France. He now lives in the United States with his family.

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