Horace Dorlan

Andrzej Klimowski

Horace Dorlan by Andrzej Klimowski is a bold, brilliant and mysterious graphic novel of ideas and existential angst.

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Preparing to deliver a lecture in Pisa, Professor Horace Dorlan plans to incorporate music and performance into his scientific presentation. On the eve of his big event, however, strange things start to happen. Consciousness and reality start to shift, divergent voices speak of confusing things and questions start to mount up. Where, for instance, is his wife, why is there a miniature musical quintet in his room, and what of the accident that afflicted him?

A darkly imaginative tour de force – that melds elements of silent movies, graphic novels, thrillers and the surreal – Horace Dorlan is Andrzej Klimowski’s first work to incorporate text into his visual narratives.


Andrzej Klimowski was born in London in 1949. His father was an officer in the Polish resistance during the war. He studied at St Martins School of Art, then went to Warsaw to the Academy of Fine Art. He has an international reputation as a poster and book jacket designer, and has experimented with films, political satire and all forms…

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