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Cricket Lexicon

John Leigh

Cricket Lexicon, from John Leigh and David Woodhouse – the acclaimed authors of Football Lexicon – is a ball-by-ball guide to the enjoyably eccentric language of cricket.

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What do Australians mean when they talk of mollygrubbers or sandshoe-crushers?

What are Manhattans and Wagon Wheels doing in the most English of sports?

How do you tell flypaper hands from popadom fingers?

Cricket – perhaps more than any other sport – has a language that delights those who know it, and confuses those who don’t. While some of us have never actually heard the sound of leather on willow, everybody has heard of bowling a googly and playing a straight bat. But few know what terms like doosra and dobber mean, and how to use them like a connoisseur.

From Kennington to Kensington, from Melbourne to Mumbai, talk of cricket (on and off the field) is both well-mannered and bluntly offensive, confusing and crystal-clear, old-world and cutting-edge. To ease the way through these corridors of uncertainty, Leigh & Woodhouse invite you to join them on tour – so next time you talk about the game, you will be giving it some humpty.