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Erica Wagner

Erica Wagner’s Seizure is the eagerly awaited first novel by the Literary Editor of The Times.

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Janet grew up with her father; her mother, she was always told, died when she was three. Her father’s stories were of her mother’s beauty, their early love – tales stopping short of tragedy. But now, living an ocean away from her childhood home, she unexpectedly inherits a house. The house had belonged to her mother, who in fact lived long into Janet’s adulthood. In a state of shock she travels north with the key: and finds an old stone cottage at the sea’s edge. She presumes it will be empty. It is not.

Tom was raised by his mother, travelling from one place to another, never settling, his only stability the stories she told him – stories of shapeshifters, danger, impossible love. Now he hides away in an old stone cottage at the sea’s edge, waiting for the woman he knows will come.

Here is a world of truth and terror, where lives and stories become so interwoven that in the end, all distinctions are lost. Janet and Tom are possessed by their stories: can they possess each other, too?

Erica Wagner’s charged prose pulses with an intensity that will leave the reader breathless. This long-awaited first novel will establish her as one of the most powerful literary voices of her generation.


Erica Wagner is an author and critic. Her books include Gravity: Stories, Ariel’s Gift: Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath and the Story of Birthday Letters and Chief Engineer: Washington Roebling, The Man Who Built the Brooklyn Bridge. Literary editor of The Times for 17 years, she is now a contributing writer for the New Statesman, consulting literary editor for Harper’s Bazaar…

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