Francis Spufford

Unapologetic is a brief, witty, personal, sharp-tongued defence of Christianity.

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‘Passionate, challenging, tumultuously articulate . . . Fascinating.’ John Carey, Sunday Times
‘A wonderful, effortlessly brilliant book.’ Evening Standard
‘A rare gem, a book that carries conviction by being honest all the way through.’ John Gray, Independent

Unapologetic is a book for those curious about how faith can possibly work in the twenty-first century.

But it isn’t an argument that Christianity is true – because how could anyone know that (or indeed its opposite)?

It’s an argument that Christianity is recognisable, drawing on the deep and deeply ordinary vocabulary of human feeling, satisfying those who believe in it by offering a ruthlessly realistic account of the bits of our lives advertising agencies prefer to ignore.

Critic Reviews

A unique book, cutting its way ruthlessly through thickets of both religious and anti-religious sentimentality; painfully funny at points, always impassioned and never glib.

Rowan Williams, Master, Magdalene College, Cambridge University and former Archbishop of Canterbury
Critic Reviews

Spufford has the great virtue of making the reader want to argue with him, while simultaneously yearning to hear more.

Daily Telegraph
Critic Reviews

Remarkable, passionate, challenging and tumultuously articulate book ... this is Spufford's most fascinating book.

Our Choice, Sunday Times
Critic Reviews

An interesting additional to the religious cannon ... a refreshing approach, which makes the book far more palatable than the nearly hysterical polemics we have come to expect from both sides. Spufford writes well, and his rationality shines through here.

Sunday Business Post

Francis Spufford is the author of five highly-praised works of non-fiction, most frequently described by reviewers as either ‘bizarre’ or ‘brilliant’, and usually as both. His debut novel Golden Hill won the Costa First Novel Award, the RSL Ondaatje Prize, the Desmond Elliott Prize, and was shortlisted for the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, the Rathbones Folio Prize, the…

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