Herbie Brennan’s Forbidden Truths: Atlantis

Herbie Brennan
Date Published
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The first title in a mind-blowing new series that will force you to rethink everything you’ve ever been taught in science lessons at school. From the internationally bestselling author of Faerie Wars and the popular Handbook series.

I never believed in Atlantis. It didn’t fit anything I’d been taught about pre-history.
Then I started looking at the facts.
And discovered everything I’d been taught about prehistory was just plain wrong.
If you suspect they’re selling you a crock of bilge as well, it’s time you read this book.
It’ll open your eyes about what really happened 11,000 years ago.


Herbie Brennan began a journalistic career at age eighteen and at twenty-four became the youngest newspaper editor in his native Ireland. He is now a full-time writer of fact and fiction for both adults and children, with several international bestsellers to his name. Combined sales of his books have passed seven million copies, and his work has appeared in more…

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