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Age of Assassins

Age of Assassins: A History of Conspiracy and Political Violence, 1865-1981 by Michael Newton, is an overarching history of assassination in the West, from Abraham Lincoln to Ronald Reagan and Adolf Hitler to Queen Victoria.

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These were the crimes that were meant to change the world, and sometimes did. The book connects the killing of the Kennedys or the murder that sparked the First World War with less well-known stories, such as the Berlin shooting of an instigator of the Armenian genocide or the attack on an American ‘robber baron’. Taking in Malcolm X and Queen Victoria, Adolf Hitler and Andy Warhol, Charles Manson and Emma Goldman, Tsars, Presidents, and pop stars, Age of Assassins traces the process that turned thought into action and murder into an icon.

In tackling the history of political violence, the book is unique in its range and attention to detail, summoning up an age of assassination that is far from over.