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Somebody Else

Reggie Nadelson
Date Published
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What would you do if you got the face you’d always wanted?

For her fifty-first birthday Betsy Thornhill went in for a little work on her face. Nothing major, just a little nip and tuck. She wanted to look ‘rested’. By some miracle of bone structure she now looks fifteen years younger and stunning, and men half her age keep knocking on her door. Sounds like a dream?

But one admirer won’t take no for an answer. Until he’s murdered, that is . . .


Reggie Nadelson is an American journalist, travel writer and documentary film-maker who divides her time between London and New York. She is the author of the critically acclaimed thrillers featuring Artie Cohen, Moscow-born New Yorker and the first great post-Cold War cop. The series began with Red Mercury Blues and continued with Hot Poppies, Bloody London and Sex Dolls. Reggie…

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