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Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh’s ‘unauthorised sequel’ to his debut hit sex, lies and videotape is an exhilarating romantic comedy set in Los Angeles and featuring a stellar cast.

Coleman Hough’s screenplay follows an assortment of love-obsessed characters over 24 hours. Linda (played by Mary McCormack) would love to be loved. Carl (David Hyde Pierce) loves his wife, Lee (Catherine Keener). Lee is looking to be loved by Calvin (Blair Underwood). Calvin plays Nicholas, who discovers he’s in love with Catherine (Julia Roberts). Catherine, who is really Francesca, finds true love. And Gus (David Duchovny) just loves himself . . .

The screenplay is prefaced by ‘The Rules’, a ten-point charter by Soderbergh that accompanied the scripts sent out to actors, advising them of both the pros (‘You will have fun whether you want to or not’) and the cons (‘Meals will vary in quality’) that come with no-frills guerrilla film-making.