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The Secret

Andrzej Klimowski
Date Published
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This is another disturbing novel without words by the Polish artist-illustrator of The Depository. The narrative is rendered entirely as a sequence of 300 pages of compelling drawings and photo-montages. The Secret projects an unsettling story about a young woman and her two children who vanish from their apartment one evening, leaving a distraught husband to follow a trail of sinister signs and traces left by their abductors. There is something alarming and almost occult in the forces at work in the background, and a turning point in the mystery is a giant camera obscura which ultimately envelops everything. The Secret, in its metamorphosis of daily reality into a dark and frightening dream world, leaves a stream of surreal images and ideas in the visual memory and the mind.


Andrzej Klimowski was born in London in 1949. His father was an officer in the Polish resistance during the war. He studied at St Martins School of Art, then went to Warsaw to the Academy of Fine Art. He has an international reputation as a poster and book jacket designer, and has experimented with films, political satire and all forms…

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