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The Faber Book of Opera

The Faber Book of Opera, edited by Tom Sutcliffe, collects the greatest writing about Opera from authors as diverse as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Betrolt Brecht, Marcel Proust and George Eliot, Benjamin Britten and Claude Debussy.

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Love it or hate it, opera is always a great topic to write about – whether as backdrop to romantic and ironic fiction, or as a seething cauldron of ideas for warring experts. Operatic history is not just 400 years of masterpieces; it’s the seeds great composers sowed – for performances worth watching, and singers worth hearing – and it can be heaven, or plain hell. The finest writers about opera here are an Olympic roll-call: from Rousseau to Brecht, from Proust to George Eliot, from Berlioz to Debussy.