Cities for a Small Country

Richard Rogers

Cities for a Small Country by Richard Rogers follows on from the celebrated Cities for a Small Planet; after years working for the Urban Task Force, Rogers sets out the problems of cities, and proposes a range of radical and fascinating solutions.

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Britain is abandoning its cities and sprawling over green fields. Crime, congestion and inequality are getting worse. Is there an alternative?

After two years’ work for the Urban Task Force, architect Richard Rogers and Professor Anne Power set out the problems of cities and propose radical solutions. Suburban sprawl, over-use of energy, environmental damage, depleted inner cities and marginalised communities will force us to waste less and live more compactly. We need cites for a small country.

This book follows the celebrated Cities for a Small Planet, weaving together architectural and social perspectives. Future generations will inherit our cities and land: we must make them work.


Richard Rogers is the chair of the Urban Task Force. He is the prize-winning architect of the Pompidou Centre, Paris, the Lloyds Building and the Millennium Dome, London. He is a passionate advocate of beautiful cities as economic powerhouses, centres of invention, creativity and social integration.

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