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Strange Police

Reg Gadney
Date Published
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A Greek billionaire is in the final stages of planning the greatest and most audacious robbery of modern times – the theft of the Elgin Marbles, known as the Parthenon Marbles, from the British Museum – to be returned to the Parthenon in Athens. No difficulty or expense can stand in his way. Alan Rosslyn, special investigator for the intelligence and security advisors Campbell and Menzies Tumin, is mixing business and pleasure in Mani, where he has fallen in love with his client, Cleo Ipsilantis. On the eve of his reluctant departure to London she is the victim of a murderous attack and Rosslyn finds himself chief suspect. He is spirited out of Greece by the British Special Intelligence Service. He discovers that a powerful clique within SIS is actively encouraging the attempt on the marbles and is even turning a blind eye to it. Why? And what is the reason for bringing Rosslyn into the conspiracy and killing his lover?

Reg Gadney’s thriller takes us into the heart of Greece, the historical controversy that surrounds the possession of the Elgin Marbles and the endlessly corrupt world of the Intelligence Services.


Reg Gadney was born in Cross Hills, Yorkshire in 1941 and educated at the Dragon School, Oxford and at Stowe. He studied English, Fine Art and Architecture at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, and whilst there he became the editor of Granta. He won a Theodore von Karman Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he became an Instructor and…

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