The Achilles Heel

Reg Gadney

The Achilles Heel by Reg Gadney is an odyssey of suspense and violence, matching Gadney’s other bestselling thrillers pace for pace in its ingenuity, brilliance and credibility.

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The time is now. An enquiry agent, known as Angell, is hired by the glamorous wife of the century’s greatest philanthropist and financier, to terminate the investigation of her husband’s secret crimes of child abuse and murder. Simultaneously, Alan Rosslyn, a young undercover investigation officer in HM Customs and Excise is surprised to be asked by ‘C’ – the new head of the Secret Intelligence Service – to abort his pursuit of the manufacturers of the worst pornography ever seen. Rosslyn’s refusal to compromise hurls him into the hunt for Angell. The Achilles Heel is an odyssey of suspense and violence, a contest undertaken in the shadows of international intrigue. In ingenuity and brilliance and credibility it matches Reg Gadney’s other bestselling thrillers.


Reg Gadney was born in Cross Hills, Yorkshire in 1941 and educated at the Dragon School, Oxford and at Stowe. He studied English, Fine Art and Architecture at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, and whilst there he became the editor of Granta. He won a Theodore von Karman Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he became an Instructor and…

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