Wildest Dreams

Alan Ayckbourn

Wildest Dreams by Alan Ayckbourn gathers together a group of role-playing board game enthusiasts to ask: how clear is the dividing line between what we choose to be and what we really are? What would it take for us to lose sight of that line altogether?

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Stanley, Hazel, Warren and Rick make the weekly escape from their real life nightmares into a role-playing board game peopled by dragons and monsters. A safe world where the dangers are of their own imagining; where they are free to become heroes of their own devising.

But how clear is the dividing line between what they choose to be and what they really are? What would it take for them to lose sight of it altogether?

All it requires is Marcie. Loveable, understanding, sympathetic Marcie – destined to become the new demon to haunt their wildest dreams.


Alan Ayckbourn was born in London in 1939 to a violinist father and a mother who was a writer. He left school at seventeen with two ‘A’ levels and went straight into the theatre. Two years in regional theatre as an actor and stage manager led in 1959 to the writing of his first play, The Square Cat, for Scarborough’s…

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