Whore’s Profession

David Mamet

A Whore’s Profession: Notes and Essays by David Mamet contains the memoirs, insights, essays and ideas of the hugely influential and well-loved playwright.

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A Whore’s Profession brings together, for the first time, David Mamet’s acclaimed volumes of notes and essays, including, The Cabin, Writing in Restaurants, Some Freaks and On Directing Film. Poignant, intimate, insightful and witty by turns, these writings are an essential accompaniment for David Mamet’s plays, and an education for anyone interested in theatre, film, and writing.

In these wise, revealing, and endlessly amusing pieces, David Mamet touches upon many aspects of his life as a writer. In Writing in Restaurants he reflects modestly on his career, while Some Freaks discourses loudly and entertainingly on aspects of contemporary culture – like the movies, Disneyland and on being a tourist. On Directing Film shows his ebullient and practical approach to his own film-making. Central to these essays is Mamet’s own work as a writer, and it is in The Cabin that Mamet comes closest to defining himself. Included are autobiographical vignettes from childhood and youth describing the gamut of human emotion, from childhood fear to adult nostalgia in the re-creation of the past.


David Mamet is a director and the author of numerous acclaimed plays, books and screenplays. His play Glengarry Glen Ross won the Pulitzer Prize, and his screenplays for The Verdict and Wag the Dog were nominated for Academy Awards. He has also received an Obie Award, and has written a collection of poems, five collections of essays, and books on…

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