Halloween Reading

If you’re the kind of person who is brave enough to look under the bed at night, then Emily Carroll’s 2014 graphic novel Through the Woods is an absolute treat, a haunted collection of feminist gothic tales, for fans of Angela Carter and the Brothers Grimm, which linger long in the mind.

More recently, Laura Lippman’s superbly claustrophobic Dream Girl, a riff on Misery, sees her elderly bed-bound writer believing himself to be haunted by the idealised woman he based his career-defining first novel on.

Those after a bit more straight-up gore could do worse than Gabriel Bergmoser’s adult debut, The Hunted, and its follow-up The Inheritance, two blood-drenched outback survival tales which will have you thinking of such nasty horror classics as Wolf Creek and The Hills Have Eyes and are almost impossible to put down once you’ve started.

Channelling a similarly classic ‘70s feel is the late William Gay’s Little Sister Death, in which a novelist suffering from writer’s block decides to move his young family into a haunted Tennessee farmhouse, which as any horror fan knows is never going to end well.

Lastly, for those of you who want to go all the way, there’s Sara Gran’s classic Come Closer, newly re-issued in the UK, a masterclass of tension and disquiet, which superbly realises its narrator’s fear that she really has been possessed by a demon.

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