Watch: Tony King on the AIDS crisis in 1980s New York

By Tony King, 2 March 2023

Tony King, author of The Tastemaker, lived through an era of seismic social, technological and cultural transformation.

Tony experienced these defining moments as an influential figure in London and New York’s gay scenes. Despite his success in the music business, he would soon learn that a glittering career couldn’t shield him from heartbreak. Tony was a witness to the AIDS crisis and the devastating consequence it had on New York’s gay community. Here, he talks about witnessing the beginning of the crisis in the 1980s, the devastating experience of watching close friends die, his own diagnosis with HIV, and the lasting impact of that period in his life.

Author Tony King
Tony King on the AIDS crisis in 1980s New York
Tony King is the author of The Tastemaker.
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Tony King started his career in the music industry at Decca Records in 1958 before going on to become the youngest promotion man of the time. After setting up Immediate Records with Andrew Loog Oldham, he was approached by Sir George Martin's independent production company to promote his artists and others in the company, including the Beatles and Cilla Black. In 1970, King joined Apple Records as general manager, continuing to work with John Lennon before becoming executive vice-president of Elton John's label, Rocket.

Tony King
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