Video: Simon Armitage reads from
'Thank you for Waiting'

By Faber Editor, 8 March 2017

In this exclusive video, Simon Armitage reads a poem from his eleventh collection of poetry, The Unaccompanied.

After more than a decade, the poet, playwright and Oxford Professor of Poetry Simon Armitage has returned to his trademark contemporary lyricism with the collection.

Set against a backdrop of economic recession and social division, at the heart of this collection is the feeling of alienation as a commonplace experience. These new poems document a world on the brink, a world of unreliable seasons and unstable coordinates, where Odysseus stalks the aisles of cut-price supermarkets in search of direction, where the star of Bethlehem rises over industrial Yorkshire, and where alarm bells for ailing communities go unheeded or unheard. The poems are often tinged with melancholy and pathos yet Armitage’s gift for deadpan wit and black humour is always present, as demonstrated in the poem ‘Thank You for Waiting’, which Simon reads in our exclusive film.


Watch: Simon Armitage reads a new poem from The Unaccompanied. Here, Simon reads 'Thank You for Waiting', a previously unpublished poem taken from the new collection.
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