Members Quiz: Your Back to School Reading Personality

It’s that time of year when ‘summer’ is almost over and your reading style might switch to something a little different. Take our quiz to find your ‘Back to School’ reading style and get a book recommendation to kick your new season off with.



Your idea of an ideal summer is . . .

Pick your preferred method of travelling

What is one item you always have on you?

Which of these novels most appeals to you?

The thing I love best about autumn is . . .

Members Quiz: Your Back to School Reading Personality
You Are: The ‘Back-to-school’ Disbeliever

You'd prefer summer not to be over and have a secret feeling it might not yet be time to give up on the season of rest and relaxation yet! If you're looking for a perfect crossover read try the delightfully dark summer read, Uncle Paul by Celia Fremlin.
You Are: The ‘Back-to-school’ Experimenter

Faber Members Edition of Nightwood by Djuna Barnes on diagonal background

Going ‘back to school’ after the summer is a signal to you to try something new, much like a new year's resolution . . . but in September. Try a book you’ve never heard of, or one that defies genres, like our beautiful exclusive reproduction of Nightwood.
You Are: The ‘Back-to-school’ Philosopher

Book standing on coloured background

You've had the summer to relax and ponder the important things in life and now you’re ready to try and tackle some of the big things that are important to you and some of the harder questions about life via your reading list. Try Booker Prize longlisted novel Old God's Time by Sebastian Barry.
You Are: The ‘Back-to-school’ Scholar

You love September and the start of renewing and refreshing old projects and starting new ones with exciting possibilities. Faber editions might be a great place for you to explore the idea of revisiting lost gems and finding new perspectives. A breakthrough cult dystopian novel about a hotel, Termush is a great place to start.
You Are: The ‘Back-to-school’ Fresh Starter

Spring is traditionally the time of renewal, but autumn can provide fresh starts too and that is what you are looking for. Rather than the easier-going picks you might have chosen on holiday, try something that renews your passion for literature like Shy by Max Porter.
You Are: The ‘Back-to-school’ Dreamer

Autumn is a transformational season and the end of summer gives you space to think about what you want more of this year, before it is over. This sort of thoughtfulness is a dreaming of sorts, of what is and can be and your reading style might switch to works that inspire insight and self-reflection. Try Mary Jean Chan's outstanding latest collection of poetry, Bright Fear.