What Sort of Reader Are You? Quiz

Where do you most like to read?

Pick which of these types of people do you LEAST identify with

Who/what could convince you to try a book you'd never normally pick up?

In a bookshop, which of these ideal authors would you most like to spot?

Which of these best describes your approach to reading?

What Sort of Reader Are You? Quiz
Mostly . . . A Comfort Book Reader

Reading provides solace and comfort to you, helping step away from the day to day and be transported. That aspect of reading has been even more important in the past year. Next time you visit a bookshop you might challenge yourself to try something you might not have otherwise.

Mostly . . . A Book-Conquering Reader

You love the satisfaction of having read great books and the accomplishment of getting through your To Be Read pile. The past year allowed for a lot more time for reading which you loved. Why not challenge yourself with a genre you might otherwise not consider, whether that is poetry, graphic novels or a page-turning thriller.

Mostly . . . A Top Trends Reader

As a Top Trends reader If people are talking about it, you’ll get a lot of satisfaction after reading, even if you didn’t enjoy the book itself that much, as you might enjoy the discussion with your friends or colleagues afterwards. That joy of discussing readings, whether in a book group or less formally, is something to continue to look forward to as life reopens. When next in a bookshop, why not try a title at random, based purely on the cover, the description on the back or the bookseller’s recommendation. You never know what you might stumble upon.

Mostly . . . A Quirky-Picks Reader

You’re a diverse reader, willing to try multiple genres and mix your choices between recommendations and whatever takes your fancy in a bookshop. Don’t forget the depth of satisfaction that comes with reading the full catalogue of works by one author you love.

Mostly . . . A Deeper Questions Reader

As a reader you like the way in which all genres enrich your understanding of life in general. You like how poetry or fiction reveals as much to you about being human as non-fiction or philosophy. Why not treat yourself to a truly funny book or a crime novel you can’t put down?

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