Faber to publish Richard Armitage’s Geneva

16 February 2023

Author Richard Armitage
Faber is to publish Geneva, Richard Armitage’s debut novel. It has already hit the top of Audible’s bestseller chart, netting over 35,000 downloads in the first six weeks and staying in the top five for months.

In a twenty-four-hour pre-empt, editor Sara Helen Binney acquired print and ebook rights for the UK & Commonwealth from James Gill at United Agents. The hardback and ebook will be published on 12 October 2023.

Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sarah Collier has started to show the same tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s disease as her father: memory loss, even blackouts. So she is reluctant to accept the invitation to be the guest of honour at a prestigious biotech conference – until her husband Daniel, also a neuroscientist, persuades her that the publicity storm will be worth it. The technology being unveiled at this conference could revolutionise medicine forever. More than that, it could save Sarah’s life.

In Geneva, the couple are feted as stars – at least, Sarah is. But behind the five-star luxury, investors are circling, controversial blogger Terri Landau is all over the story, and Sarah’s symptoms are getting worse. As events begin to spiral out of control, Sarah can’t be sure who to trust – including herself.

Richard Armitage is a multi-award-winning stage, screen and voice actor best known for his roles in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, Captain America, Alice through the Looking Glass and Ocean’s 8. Geneva is his first novel.

‘An outstanding debut – ingenious, fast-paced and unpredictable.’ HARLAN COBEN

Richard Armitage:

‘I’m so bowled over by Faber’s enthusiasm for Geneva. My goal in my creative life is to give everyone, especially non- or reluctant readers, an experience that will hook them for a life of reading and listening. My passion is to coax people into a deep storytelling experience – I want to be one of those authors who always takes care of the reader.’

Sara Helen Binney:

‘This book grabbed me from the very first page. The whole Faber team fell hard and fast and we’re incredibly excited to be publishing it, building on Audible’s brilliant production last year. Richard has created a spectacular thriller and his heroine Sarah Collier is what makes it so exciting. She’s a superb creation, tough and brilliant, a woman who knows what she wants. Watching her sense of who she is – and who she can trust – be thoroughly shaken up made me root for her right to the very last twist. page I can’t wait to press her story into readers’ hands in October!’

Richard Armitage’s Geneva will be published on 12 October 2023.
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Richard Armitage

A spectacular destination thriller with heart, Richard Armitage’s debut is ‘atmospheric, icily tense’ – Telegraph

About the Author

Richard Armitage is a multi-award winning stage, screen and voice actor best known for his roles in Peter Jackson's trilogy of The Hobbit, Captain America, Alice through the Looking Glass and Oceans 8. Geneva is his first novel.

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About the Author
Author Richard Armitage