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26 February 2024

Poet Rowan Ricardo Phillips shares his playlist of songs from or related to his new collection, Silver.

Silver is a collection that shines with a guiding principle, that poetry: ‘part physics, part faith, part void’, can be found wherever it is looked for. Virtuosic in style, sharing the dexterity of the legendary Argentinian footballer, Lionel Messi, who is conjured in its pages, the poems shape-shift through blank verse, elegy, terza rima and rap.


‘This playlist is a musical immersion into the inspirations, themes, and emotions from Silver and also an expression of gratitude to you. The word “poetry” is a translation for “making” and in this sense I felt compelled to make Silver again, alchemizing it into another form of sonic expression. Whether you take this collection of songs in as a tour of the horizon of the collection of poems, as a trove of source material, as an exegesis of the book, as a postscript to the work, or simply as some tunes to chill out to, I hope you enjoy this experience of getting to know Silver in your own special way. Download the Silver playlist and save it to your favorites either via Spotify or Apple Music. Thanks again for being a reader, for being a listener. And, as always, long live poetry.’

– Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Silver by Rowan Ricardo Phillips is out in paperback on 4 April 2024.
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Rowan Ricardo Phillips

A work that reminds us of the singular and glorious power of poetry in our complex world.

About the Author

Rowan Ricardo Phillips is a poet, critic, and translator. His honours and awards include the Whiting Award, a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Anisfield-Wolf Book Award, two PEN America awards and the Nicolás Guillén Outstanding Book Award. He is the editor of the Princeton Series of Contemporary Poets and the poetry editor of the New Republic. Faber also publish Living Weapon (2021). He divides his time between New York City and Barcelona.

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About the Author
Portrait of poet Rowan Ricardo Phillips