Faber Radio presents Andrew O'Hagan's
Mayflies jukebox

By Faber Editor, 23 October 2020

‘Completing my last promise to our late pal Keith Martin, that we’d put his Top 50 records into the vintage jukebox at Sam’s Cafe, Primrose Hill. . . It’s like Mayflies come to life. . . What, no ‘Teenage Kicks’? The inclusion of OMD? Let the arguments commence!’

Listen to the music that inspired Andrew O’Hagan‘s latest novel, Mayflies.

‘A book about my best friend, about growing up in 1980’s Britain, about the Miners’ Strike – but primarily about music. The Smiths, The Fall, New Order, Buzzcocks. How it changed our lives and gave us a way out.’

Andrew spoke to Guardian about the highs and lows of growing up in Ayrshire in the 80s, and the friendships, and the music that formed him. This includes his time in New Wave band ‘The Big Gun’ with his best friend, Keith Martin –  the friendship that forms the core of Mayflies. John Peel liked their first – and sole – single ‘immoderately’. Listen here.

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