Having recently seen the brilliant remake of Stephen King’s IT – and just as season two of Stranger Things begins – Editorial Director, Angus Cargill, recommends five devilish Faber books that will chill you to the core this Halloween.
Her Every Fear
By Peter Swanson

More of a thriller, but this murderous tale of a disastrous apartment swap – with its superb switching points of view – is so suspenseful that you won’t want to read it if you’re home alone.

Little Sister Death
By William Gay

The late William Gay’s final novel is a superb haunted house story, inspired by Tennessee’s Bell Witch hauntings (which will in itself have you googling frantically). William Gay’s earlier novel Twilight was, incidentally, picked by Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly as his novel of the year for 2007.

By Stefan Spjut

Looking for an old-fashioned irony-free brick of a supernatural thriller in the vein of classic ’70s Stephen King? Look no further that this novel of trolls and shapeshifters set in the northern wilds of Sweden.

The Hours Before Dawn
By Celia Fremlin

This 1960s Edgar winner was Fremlin’s first novel, a terrifyingly tense first person account of a sleep-deprived mother’s growing paranoia, or is it something else? Beware the novel’s central set-piece, in which our narrator takes her baby and pram to the park at 3 am . . .

Through the Woods
By Emily Carroll

Carroll’s astonishing graphic debut of Gothic, feminist driven, fairy-tale like stories will, as with Peter Swanson’s Her Every Fear, have you checking under your bed and afraid to turn out your light . . .