Faber Children's on World Book Day

By Faber Editor, 11 March 2019

This World Book Day was a bumper one for Faber Children’s.

Across the nation, schools were faced with a whole warren of Podkin One-Ears and friends, a mission of Space Tortoises prepared to blast off, and even some Squishy McFluffs, which is even more impressive, considering Squishy is invisible.

But, before we look at all our characters, we wanted to show you the fun range of costumes donned by the children of our colleagues and friends at Faber. From fun mash-ups to old classics, and even a loyal child dressing up as DJ Banana from Kitchen Disco (and one very loyal mum dressed as a bumblebee from I Like Bees I Don’t Like Honey), the mix is brilliant, and too good not to share!

So, without further delay . . .


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