Faber acquires scripts for all four seasons of Succession

Faber Editor 7 March 2023

Faber has acquired the complete, authorised scripts to all four seasons of the Emmy®-winning HBO Original drama series Succession, complete with introductions from the writers.

Collected here for the first time, the complete scripts of Succession: Season One, Season Two, and Season Three feature unseen extra material. Including deleted scenes, alternative dialogue, and character directions. They reveal a unique insight into the writing, creation and development of a TV sensation and a screen- writing masterpiece. Season One will include an exclusive introduction from creator and showrunner, Jesse Armstrong. Seasons Two, Three and Four will also include exclusive introductions by other screen writers on the show including ‘Executive Producer Frank Rich’ and ‘Executive Producer and writer Lucy Prebble’.

Seasons One, Two and Three will be out on 18 May with Season Four shortly following the end of that series.

Succession is one of the most popular TV series in the last decade. Each season finale has led to an Emmy ® award for Best Screenwriting. In addition, the show has amassed eleven other Emmys, five Golden Globes and three BAFTAs.

‘The best TV show in the world.’ The Times

Alex Bowler said:

‘The writing of Succession has consistently been among the best of the era, in any form. It is a privilege to be able to collect and publish it in this way, for any lover of the show, and any reader who values outstanding writing, to treasure.’

Jesse Armstrong said:

‘I’m delighted Faber are publishing the scripts for Succession. These will be the full scripts, not transcripts of broadcast versions and I hope people who enjoy the show will find it interesting to see what changed as we filmed and edited the episodes. I’m proud of the work my fellow writers and I have done on Succession and couldn’t be more pleased that Faber will be their home for publication.’