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Faber is one of the world’s great publishing houses, and the largest independent publishing house in Britain. Our unique history and identity make us an industry leader, renowned for our serious engagement with the world’s great writers, artists and thinkers. We believe that in order to maintain our literary and cultural role in the modern world, we must also engage seriously with our responsibility to our planet. Deforestation, excessive waste and carbon emissions are a real threat to our climate and to our future. We recognise the importance of developing and supporting environmentally friendly practices to mitigate our impact on the environment. 

Faber now has a team of staff members dedicated to assessing the resources we use and the efficiency with which we use them, across all sides of the business. This team will meet regularly to ensure that we are continually evaluating our goals, practices and progress, so that our environmental policy is up to date. 

Current Supply Chain Practices:

  • Print-on-demand and auto stock replenishment programme which cuts down on excess stock, shipping, and printing.
  • Six-month print policy for most titles to reduce pulping.
  • Not sending out unsolicited POS material. 

 Current In-House Practices: 

  • Cycling parking bays and a cycling initiative for staff.
  • Use of recyclable envelopes.
  • Energy-efficient lighting, including some automatic switches in communal areas.
  • Donating used IT equipment to charity for use in the community.
  • Regularly donating surplus books to charities. 

Supply Chain Goals:

  • Make 100% of all the paper and board in our products FSC-certified by 2021.
  • Ensure that no illegal or unsustainable wood fibre is used at any point in our supply chain.
  • Assess the environmental accreditations and policies of any new suppliers before engaging their services.
  • Increase our use of accredited local suppliers and printers to reduce transport distances. 
  • Use biodegradable finishes on our covers and jackets if possible.
  • Reduce production of proofs by making our titles available via NetGalley and by supplying digital copies to reviewers. 
  • Cease using laminate coating on the covers for deep backlist short reprints.
  • Reduce the number of proofs we produce that are not used. 

In-House Goals:

  • Rigorously assess the need for business flights and offset flights where they are deemed necessary. 
  • Increase staff awareness of and engagement with the environmental policy.
  • Assess changing our energy supplier to a more sustainable source by the end of 2020. 
  • Engage with the Booksellers Association Green Bookselling Manifesto, especially in reducing the number of returns.
  • Use 100% recycled paper for our office paper.
  • Consolidate our file copies of recently published titles.