The Double X Economy Quiz

How much do you know about gender equality in the global economy? Find out below . . .


1) How much do British women lose in pay annually due to the gender pay gap?

2) For how long has the nuclear family unit with a single male provider been the 'traditional' social ideal?

3) To what extent are males more likely to win venture capitalist funding than females in the UK?

4) What percentage of slaves in the world today are female?

5) How much of international trade is controlled by women?

6) What percentage of jobs in Europe and Central Asia are deemed to be hazardous, arduous or morally inappropriate for women?

7) In what year were sex-segregated job classifications in newspapers prohibited in the United States?

8) What percentage of women contribute to at least half of their family's income in the United States today?

9) In 1966, which European country banned abortions and contraceptives?

10) In what year did the UK introduce the Equal Pay Act?


The Double X Economy by Linda Scott describes both the shocking gender inequalities built into the global economy and the collective power of women that could be harnessed to turn these around and combat humankind’s most pressing problems.

Out now in hardback, ebook and audiobook.