Editor to Author: An interview with Nadeem Aslam

In a two-part interview, Nadeem Aslam discusses The Golden Legend, his brave, timely, searingly beautiful novel set in contemporary Pakistan. What was the particular event or incident that inspired this novel? In January 2011, when I was working on my previous novel, The Blind Man’s Garden, the governor of the Punjab province in Pakistan, Salmaan Taseer, was…

Editor to Author: An interview with Doug Johnstone

In the latest instalment of our Editor to Author interview series, Doug Johnstone has a frank and illuminating conversation about his latest thriller Crash Land with his Faber editor Angus Cargill.   Angus Cargill: I wanted to start by asking if you had the title before you started writing this one? Doug Johnstone: I didn’t, not this time….