Quiz: Do you know why people commit hate crimes?

In The Science of Hate, Professor Matthew Williams explores the tipping point between prejudice and hate. Find out how much you know about hate in our quiz . . .


1) Oxytocin, the chemical released when we fall in love and by pregnant women, has which surprising effect?

2) In what year did it become a crime to stir up hatred on the basis of sexual orientation in England and Wales?

3) How many hate-speech posts did Facebook remove in 2020?

4) In 2020, which country recorded ten times as many hate crimes as the United States of America?

5) Mo Salah’s signing to Liverpool FC in 2017 created the ‘Salah Effect’, which resulted in what?

6) Between 2014 and 2019, the number of far-right terror attacks in the West increased by what percentage?

7) Which of the following has science shown is linked to increased prejudice and discrimination?

8) Which group has seen an increase in victimisation during the Covid-19 pandemic?

9) What happens when people in right- and left-wing online echo chambers are exposed to each other’s opinions?

10) Which of the following is scientifically proven to reduce prejudice and hate?


Are our brains wired to hate? Does online hate incite violence on the streets? With hate crimes at an all-time high, what can we do to help turn the tide?

Drawing on twenty years of research, as well as his own experience as a hate-crime victim, world-renowned criminologist Matthew Williams uncovers the answers to these questions in The Science of Hate, out now.