New Faber Social website launches today

The new Faber Social website goes live today. It represents our editorial commitment to the finest writing about, and from within, the world of popular music. There are close to 100 books listed, in print and on the backlist, and I would modestly claim this is an unrivaled catalogue, featuring some of the finest artists and music writers on the planet.

The site will be a growing and developing resource for discovering the best literature for fans of adventurous long-form music writing. Each month will be given over to featuring the publication title of the moment. It couldn’t be more appropriate that we launch this month with a series of original editorial pieces, audio and visual content and playlists relating to David Keenan‘s heroic novel about the (imagined) post-punk scene in Airdrie in the early ’80s, This is Memorial Device. It is a novel that has spread and gathered momentum through that most old-fashioned of viral mediums, word-of-mouth. And it is a book that represents so much of what we love, and aspire to represent at Faber Social: fierce and uncompromising intelligence and a new way of looking at the world through the prism of music. Toby Litt, a very fine judge indeed referred to the book in his Guardian review as ‘One of the most acute, affecting and aphoristic novels of recent years . . . A hallucinatory and haunting vision.’

In April our focus will switch to Cosey Fanni Tutti and her autobiography, Art Sex Music. The Faber Social website will continue to bring you fresh content relating to that month’s publication with the help of our authors, as well as being the destination point for new announcements about upcoming titles, our regular events at The Social in London (and beyond) and a blog. Please follow us on Twitter and on Facebook for updates and information about what is arguably the most thrilling list of books in the place where music and literature collide.