Jan Morris: On a Life in Travel Writing

The much-loved travel writer and historian Jan Morris was born in 1926 of a Welsh father and an English mother, and when she is not travelling she lives with her partner Elizabeth Morris in the top left-hand corner of Wales, between the mountains and the sea.

In this extraordinary interview with New York Times journalist Don George she discusses her incredible career, which has led from covering the first ascent of Mount Everest to writing the ultimate book on Venice, as well as dissecting the British empire in her trilogy Pax Britannica. Here she takes us from her days as journalist for The Times to the writing of all of those classic books, and the secrets behind her writing, such as her habit of writing each book in full three time, and her feelings of homesickness when out travelling the globe.

Ariel: A Literary Life of Jan Morris by Derek John is now available in hardback.

Originally published on 24 November 2014.