How well do you know Normal People?

Test your knowledge of Sally Rooney’s bestselling novel with our ultimate Normal People quiz . . .


When was Normal People first published?

What is Connell's surname?

Where do Marianne and Connell grow up?

Which character says: 'Everyone likes you. And unlike most people you’re actually a nice person.'

How old was Marianne when her father died?

What is the first book mentioned in Normal People?

Who does Connell ask to the Debs?

Which character says: 'I did used to think I could read your mind at times.'

What colour is Marianne's house?

What position does Connell play on the school soccer team?

Who gets six hundred points in their Leaving Cert?

Which character says: 'You’re the kind of person, people either love you or hate you.'

Where do Connell and Marianne first see each other at university?

Where is Marianne’s holiday home?

Who receives a university scholarship for History and Politics?

Which character says: 'I hope we can always take each other’s sides.'

Where does Marianne spend her third year of college?

What is the name of Connell's mum?

What work does Connell get published?

Which character says: 'I’ve been lonely my whole life, really.'


Normal People is available in hardback, paperback and ebook.

The Normal People TV adaptation will air on 26 April on BBC iPlayer.