Find Me Quiz

André Aciman’s Find Me returns to the unforgettable characters from Call Me by Your Name. How much do you know about their world? Find out in our Find Me quiz . . .


1) In Find Me, we revisit the characters from Call Me by Your Name. Where did Elio and Oliver first meet?

2) At the beginning of the book, we find Elio’s father on his way to Rome. What is the name of the woman he meets on his journey?

3) In Find Me, Elio has established a career in music. What instrument does he play?

4) Which character says: ‘I’ve never seen you like this. It makes me very happy, almost envious to see you. You are so young suddenly. It must be love.’

5) Elio shows his father somewhere in Rome that brings back a vivid memory for him. What is this place?

6) Music plays an important role throughout Find Me. Which classical composer’s work does Elio tell his father he is playing in Naples?

7) Find Me takes place across several cities. Which of these does not feature in the novel?

8) Sami takes Miranda on a tour of Villa Albani, which contains a famous collection of classical statues. Which Roman god features in Sami’s favourite statue?

9) ‘Every time you eat a fruit for the first time that year you need to make a wish.’ Which fruit is this in reference to?

10) Which character claims: ‘Love is easy . . . It’s the courage to love and to trust that matters, and not all of us have both.’


Find Me is available now in ebook and audiobook, and out in paperback on 21 May.