Fearful Tales and Where to Find Them

This Halloween, take a tour of the weird and wonderful settings for some of our favourite frightening stories.

Haunted houses and dark woods, remote islands and cul-de-sacs – from the sinister opulence of Manderley to the back alleys of Whitechapel: setting has always been at the heart of some of the best-loved scary tales. One could almost say that location itself is a character in these stories, often as menacing as any ghoul, vampire or murderer.

That is why we’ve decided to map out some of our favourite spine-chillers set in some of the most iconic and memorable locations across Britain and Ireland.

Explore old favourites, stumble upon new ones. And if you’ve got your own personal favourite, send us through the title of the book or story together with the location via our Twitter hashtag: #FearfulTalesMap, and we’ll add this onto our map.

But beware. Terror could indeed be lurking around the next corner.