Faber Radio presents Max Porter

Announcing Faber Radio, a new series of Spotify playlists curated by our authors.


We’ll share a new playlist every Friday at 2 p.m. First up, we have Max Porter’s ‘Niceness’. Tune in . . .

‘This is the standing a bit dazed and tearful in the kitchen playlist, is it too early for a drink playlist, wish I could call my beloved gran but she’s fifteen years dead playlist, just shouted at my kids and feel so guilty because they’re doing their best playlist, filled my head with news all day and the world is just so unutterably sad, so much injustice but so much beauty, life is short and strange and I better run upstairs and tell these noisy little shits how much I love them, quick, quick, there are wolves out there, better find my beloved and thank her for loving me . . . this is the There are always wolves out there playlist.’ Max Porter, April 2020

Max Porter’s Lanny is out now in paperback and ebook.