Faber New Poets Submissions

The Faber New Poets scheme exists to encourage new writers at a crucial point in their career. Open to those who have yet to publish a first collection or pamphlet, the scheme offers mentoring, pamphlet publication and support.

Assembling a first collection can seem like a daunting challenge to an emerging poet: how do they know when the manuscript is ready? How many poems should it contain? Whose opinions should they seek out? Can it be better to wait?

Faber New Poets aims to create a culture of support for pre-first collection writers. By offering a tri-partite package of financial assistance, mentorship and pamphlet publication by Faber, the scheme provides care and direction for four new poets to develop their work in 2013-14.

The successful candidates will be announced in September, drawn from the advice of a panel of experienced poets and prominent practitioners from the poetry world.

Please note: winners will now be announced at the end of October, due to the large number of submissions.

Submission Guidelines (NB: deadline has now passed)

Manuscripts should take the following form:

  • 16 (sixteen) A4 pages of poems
  • Set in 12pt Times New Roman or similar, and spaced at 1.5 lines
  • Each new poem to be started on a new page

Entries will be accepted by electronic submission only to fnp@faber.co.uk and must be accompanied by a cover sheet including contact details and confirmation that you have yet to publish a single-authored volume of poems either in pamphlet or full collection form.

Manuscripts must be received on or before 15th June 2013.

Faber New Poets 2009-10

Four poets were given awards for 2009, with their pamphlets published in October 2009 – Fiona Benson, Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Heather Phillipson and Jack Underwood.

The second set of poets, with pamphlets published in May 2010, included Joe Dunthorne, Annie Katchinska, Sam Riviere and Tom Warner.

Faber New Poets 1-8 pamphlets
The Faber New Poets 1-8

Through the scheme, and through promotion and publicity that will include an exciting platform of events, this project promises to aid the short and longer term development of our newest talents, the potential stars of tomorrow, and by so doing, to enrich the broader culture of British poetry along the way.

Faber New Poets is a not-for-profit promotion that is made possible by the support of Arts Council England.