Faber announces Consent by Leo Benedictus

Faber is delighted to announce a major acquisition.

Louisa Joyner has acquired World Rights to Consent, a novel by Leo Benedictus from David Miller at Rogers Coleridge & White. Lizzie Bishop at Faber is currently concluding an auction for the US rights at Frankfurt Book Fair.

Consent is dark and seductive, hugely compelling and a tiny bit horrifying, and set to cause a major stir.

‘Consent is the reading equivalent of someone tempting you to relax by having a lie down, helping you rest your arms by supplying supports and calming your nerves with a soothing drink until you come to the realisation that you’re strapped to a mortuary bench, bound by your hands, paralysed but conscious and you agreed to every step. It’s important, uncompromising and unputdownable – and will leave you awfully worried about Patrick. I cannot wait to publish.’ Louisa Joyner

‘It was pretty difficult not to make the decision Leo came to after a keenly contested auction – Faber were there from the start. First to offer, eager to meet, enthusiastic at our meeting and so passionate about this book and what Leo will go on to do next. It was a delight to entrust what is a mesmerising novel with Louisa and the new team at Faber.’ David Miller

‘I’m thrilled to be with Faber. To me, Consent has always been a gamble. It is the book I had to write, but I have worried for years how people would react. So to find Louisa and her colleagues bursting with enthusiasm – and clever plans – means more than I can say. Perhaps more than they realise.’ Leo Benedictus

Faber will publish to maximum impact in spring 2018.

Leo Benedictus is a freelance feature writer for the Guardian and other publications. His first novel, The Afterparty, was published in 2011 by Jonathan Cape.