Dean Burnett at Bristol Festival of Ideas

Dean Burnett at Bristol Festival of Ideas

13th June 2018

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The enthusiasm for and expectation of happiness are so widespread today that fundamental questions about it are often overlooked. For starters, the most basic question of all: where does happiness come from? Is it your brain – a mere concoction of chemicals, or network of neurons? Is it in fact your gut? [Spoiler alert: yes. Sort of.] Or is it external? Is it love or sex or money or success? And what are these doing to our brains anyway? Dean Burnett will discuss this with University of Bristol Professor Bruce Hood.

As well as being a neuroscientist and stand-up comedian, Dean Burnett is also most-read blogger on the Guardian Science network. He started ‘Brain Flapping’ three years ago and the blog has been viewed over 9,000,000 times. He is also the author of The Idiot Brain: A Neuroscientist Explains What Your Head Is Really Up To.

This is an event in partnership with the Bristol Festival of Ideas.