Alex Langlands at Port Eliot Festival

Alex Langlands at Port Eliot Festival

29th July 2018

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Alexander Langlands is a British archaeologist and historian. He is a regular presenter for BBC and Channel 4, perhaps best known for the series of programmes that began with ‘Victorian Farm’. His current and ongoing TV projects include ‘Hidden Villages: Village of the Year 2017’ with Penelope Keith, and ‘Full Steam Ahead’ (BBC2).

His latest book, Cræft, explores and celebrates the lost traditions of medieval crafts, from weaving to bee-keeping, thatching to basket-making. In a period of meaningless mass manufacturing, our growing appetite for handmade objects, artisan food, and craft beverages reveals our deep cravings for tradition and quality.

Through a series of vibrant mini-histories Langlands resurrects the ancient craftspeople who fused exquisite skill with back-breaking labour. He passionately advocates the renewed importance of cræft today and strives to convince us – for our health, wealth and well-being – to introduce more cræft into our lives.