COMING SOON: The QI Schools Competition!

Win a lesson from the QI team!

For spring term 2018, the QI team are offering schools across the UK the chance to win a lesson taught by QI’s inventor John Lloyd and QI elves James Harkin and Anne Miller.

Keep your eyes peeled at the start of 2018 on the Faber and QI sites for more information on how to enter.

In the meantime, enjoy some amazing school facts from the QI Facts books:

Goats are accepted
at schools in Zimbabwe
in lieu of tuition fees.


Roald Dahl’s
school report said:
‘I have never met anybody
who so persistently writes words
meaning the exact opposite
of what is intended.’


The loudest word
ever shouted was ‘Quiet!’
by a primary-school teacher
from Northern Ireland.


Charlotte Brontë’s
school report said she
‘writes indifferently’ and
‘knows nothing of grammar,
geography, history or


Jack Nicholson
once got detention at school
every single day for a year.


St Peter’s School, York,
never celebrates Bonfire Night.
Its most famous old boy
is Guy Fawkes.


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