The Wonderful World of Wes Anderson: A Quiz in Ten Questions

This week marks the release of the new Wes Anderson film, Isle of Dogs, a stop-motion animation about a gang of dogs who are banished to a vast garbage dump called Trash Island. We are publishing the screenplay and, to celebrate, we have devised a quiz about the wonderful world of Wes Anderson.


1. Which Wes Anderson film has the line: ‘I’m here to rescue you. I’ve got mixed feelings about that.’

2. In The Royal Tenenbaums the brand of cigarettes Margot, played by Gwyneth Paltrow smokes was discontinued in the 1970s and only sold in which country?

3. Which actor has appeared in the most Wes Anderson films?

4. Owen Wilson got expelled from the school where Bottle Rocket was filmed. What was the reason?

5. Which film has the line: ‘I’m going to find it and I’m going to destroy it. I don’t know how yet. Possibly with dynamite.’

6. How many Oscars has Wes Anderson won for his films?

7. In The Darjeeling Limited, who is the character Jack, played by Jason Schwartzman, named after?

8. In Moonrise Kingdom, Scout Master Ward says he has a ‘real job’ or ‘something I do on the side’. What is it?

9. Meryl Streep is the voice of Mrs Fox in Fantastic Mr Fox, but who was originally cast in the role?

10. Which of these Benjamin Britten operas is featured in Moonrise Kingdom?



Faber publishes the Isle of Dogs screenplay, available here
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