Vernon Scannell

Vernon Scannell (1922-2007) was a poet and free-lance author. He had also been a professional boxer. In the Second World War he saw service in the Middle East and the D-day landings in the Gordon Highlanders Enraged by its futility he deserted though war remained a recurring subject of his poetry, and ‘in recognition of his contribution to war poetry’ he received a special award from the Wilfred Own Association. Further awards included the Heinemann Award for Literature in 1961 and the Cholmondeley Poetry Prize in 1974. In addition to his poetry, he wrote nine novels and four volumes of autobiography. As a poet, Anthony Thwaite has described his tone of voice as ‘colloquial, easy, epigrammatic, honest, poised above a pessimism which is lightened with wit.’

In Who’s Who he listed his recreations as, ‘Listening to radio (mainly music), drink, boxing (as a spectator), films, reading, learning French, loathing Tories and New Labour.’